Webyfy IoT is a technology R&D company, in the process of releasing a large number of applications and products

REACH as a technology can integrate any industry standard sensors or actuators. There are two basic types

Commercial sensors

These sensors are meant for applications like security surveillance, equipment monitoring and control, and such applications that do not have EMF and power supply-based issues, and the accuracy and other parameters are not as critical as an industrial environment

Industrial sensors

Industrial sensors go through much more stringent performance and quality processes. In addition to EMF and power stabilisation, they are also designed for extreme environmental conditions like water ingress, dust, humidity, vibration, temperature, and other factors.

The sensors fall under the following broad categories

Electrical sensors

These include single and three-phase current, voltage, PF, Frequency, Power sensors, DC voltage current, and power sensors …

Movement / Vibration Sensors

This includes limit switches, human movement detection, equipment tilt, degree of tilt, movement, tampering detection …

Temperature and pressure sensors

Measurement based on different types of temperature sensing elements for various ranges and applications, pressure and flow sensors …

Agriculture sensors

Soil temperature, soil water content, soil salinity, NPK sensors, water flow detection, flow measurement, weather stations …

Other sensors

Level sensing, water ingress, speed, rotation, and many more types …

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