Rapid Conversion of Idea to Application

Applications for remote monitoring and control of assets using IoT technology.

Integrating video, audio and sensor based systems to monitor and operate assets remotely

Webyfy IoT focuses on creation of configurable IoT solutions, in multiple business domains,integrating Video, Audio, Sensor and Actuator systems which may be spread across multiple locations. This Internet of Things – IoT – based technology solutions can be created by assembling various software and hardware components using a configuration system. This helps in creating a custom application almost instantly.

Technologies for convergence developed by Webyfy IoT, amalgamates technologies from Webyfy Labs and other entities who develop industry standard hardware and software components.

The system follows industry standard protocols and hence can integrate several makes of industry standard products.

Webyfy IOT has released over 40 configurable applications and modules ...


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Webyfy IOT has developed scores of software and hardware modules. Technology modules from external sources technologies are also integrated. These are assembled together automatically using a configuration system to generate solutions...


Shield, an intelligent rule driven IoT system integrating video, audio, sensors and actuators with the capability to create distributed solutions using a configuration engine almost instantly. It is an open-ended system which can be configured for hundreds of applications for scores of business domains...


Reach is an intelligent IoT system integrating unlimited number of distributed sensor and actuator clusters; mostly low power; to create a mesh/networked device, capable of automatically creating distributed solutions. It is an open-ended system with wired or wireless interconnection capability...


Over a hundred hardware components and many more are in pipe line. Independent modules capable of being integrated to form a solution. Data collators, data transmitters, opticalisolation, sensors, relay modules, terminal modules are some of the categories into which they fall...

Products and Applications

Shield and Reach are rule based solution creation frameworks. Webyfy IoT has released ready to use applications in multiple verticals. More in pipe line. These are capable of alerting to suite specific requirements of the customer. Non-standard sensors or actuators can be integrated using custom software / hardware...


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